CommTech Solutions wireless services specialize in all aspects of wireless telecommunications. Services include modernizations, wireless network infrastructure, system and network Integrations, network and infrastructure modifications, new site builds, DAS, microwave technologies, small cell, power upgrades, microwave installation & commissioning, digital infrastructure and LTE broadband.

Wireless Experts

Through our wireless services line of business, CommTech Solutions offers the following services to help our clients.

  • Project Planning 
    Site Audits, line-of-sight surveys, coordinating subcontractors, scheduling with customers/landlords, project progress updates
  • Material Procurement 
    Cabling, Steel, Concrete, Connectors, Hardware, Misc. Materials
  • Tower and Rooftop Sites
    Wireless Cellphone Sites, PoP Sites, Switch Sites, Central Offices
  • New Site Construction 
    Cell Site, Small-cell Site, DAS, COW, Light-pole, Foundation, Electrical, Concrete Scanning and Coring, Road Construction 
  • Microwave/Fiber Backhaul 
    Transport Network, Transport Equipment, Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, Ceragon, DragonWave
  • Emergency Support
    COW Delivery, Generator Delivery, Fueling Services, Road Clearing, Snow Clearing
  • RF Equipment
    Azimuth Verification, FTDR Testing, PIM Testing, Fiber Optic Testing; OTDR, Power Meter, Scope
  • RAN Equipment
    Ericsson, Nokia and Hauwei, Antennas, Radios, In-Building Systems DAS or IBS, Passive Systems, Active Systems and Hybrid Systems
  • DC Power Systems
    -48V DC Battery, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Systems, Battery Backup Power
  • Testing and Commissioning
    Bench Testing, Field Testing, Cable Verification, Equipment Verification, End-to-end Testing, Ethernet Verification, DS1 Verification, Commissioning Systems, Decommissioning Systems, Site Optimization
  • Project Handover
    Close-out Package, Final Photos, Invoicing, Change Orders, Customer Feedback, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
CommTech Solutions Services.
CommTech Solutions Services.
Wireless tower installer.
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CommTech Solutions provides quality and timely services on every project.

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We provide services in the construction, installation, testing and maintenance of aerial, and buried telecommunications networks

We provide expertise in the planning, design, and permitting of all elements related to telecommunications networks.

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